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CAiiTLiiN CLAiiRE* [entries|friends|calendar]
...Don't flatter yourself sweetheart

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[10 Nov 2010|10:13am]

Katie just reminded my of this thing! lmaoo this is too funny, i was just reading thru all this shit.
what the HELL was wrong with me? lmao. if any of yall are still on here..
add me on facebook
Caitlin Cooksey
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[27 Sep 2007|01:25pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i deleted a whole buncha people, delete me if i took you off.

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FRiENDS CUT! [25 Jan 2006|05:25pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i just deleted a shit load of people.
i have my reasons.
check if your still there.
if i deleted you and you wanna be
added back, then comment and tell me why.
thank you. that is all.
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Friends Only [30 Aug 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Friends Only.

Image hosting by TinyPic

*If you're already added, im not taking you off.
*If you'd like to be added...
you must::
-comment regularly.
-and leave this information:
picture of yourself-

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READ THIS. [29 Aug 2005|03:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]

soo today i didnt go to school. i really wanted to acually. but when i woke up i had THE WORST migrane ever. like i couldnt stand it. i was almsost in tears. so i was like "Dad can i go to school late?" and hes like sure. so i went back to bed and woke up at 11. and still had a headahce. so then it finally went away around like noon. and we get out of school atr 115. so by the time i got ready and went to school it would be pointless.

i talked to hank earlier though haha oh god. so the note i gave him last night. yeah he said "it pissed him off" lmao how can it piss him off?. katie says its cus i said i didnt want a dumb sexual relationship. LMAO. hahahaha. sorry bud.

he was getting so pissed off haha and i was just like being all calm and that pissed him off hahah.


heres part of the convo.Collapse )

hahahahah. anyways

i did a friends cut.

eversosweetxoxo *










after today my lj is friends only.


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[28 Aug 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So right now. I couldnt be more happy. No my life is not perfect. its far from acually. but i have [finally] decided i have to look at the good things in life. not the bad.

Today i went to church. and for highschool sunday school, we went to a nursing home and the hospital to see member of the church that were there. while at the nursing home. idk but wow... they were just laying in bed starring at the ceiling. and it made me sad. i hope i never end up like that.

When i got home, i talked to Tracey. We finally got all our stuff worked out. and i am so happy. i missed running and jumping on her. And i couldnt ask for a better friend. shes been there for me through everything. even though i piss her off beyond belief. shes never givin up on me&i love her to death. thankyou tracey i love you.

idk around 2..tim came and got me and we went to his hosue and hung out and yea. kay cool. yeahh uhh so

meaghan said after me&melissa left last night FUCKING SHAWN SHOWED UP. ugh i shouldnt have left. even if he did find out im only 15 lmao.
so i like giving boys the chance of being thrown in jail? hahah.

i went to youth tonight and it was pretty fun. i need to start getting back into church and all that. i need my life back on track, and im doing pretty good so far. except with one thing ha. anyways i wrote hank like a 5 pg letter hah. and i gave it to him while he was leavin tonight and he was like.. "thanks" and looked at me and smiled.
speaking of him, we got along tonight acually. he was joking around with me alot with a bunch of things, it was fun. i was changing the radio and he came up behind me and started messin with me. idk i miss him a lot. but wat can ya do.

school tomorrow! cheerleading practice i think too. blah. oh yeah i took the blonde out of my hair

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[28 Aug 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | happy ]

today i did not do anything haha i hate this weather. im getin so pale i need to go to a tanning bed or something. i wish i had my own tanning bed. ohhh dad!!!$!!!

haahah uhh so like at idk 6 maybe i went over to melissas and meaghan was there. then we went to walgreens and got hair dye. haha on the way out meaghan knocked this guys milk over lmao. and the cash register lady was like YOU BRAT hahahahah. wow. meghan your a bitch lmao.

uhh then we went to this bar..citylights. haha how come me and meaghan always get in bars haha. uhh yeah idk her friends band was playing lol and this drunk ppregnant lady was like all up on us and shit i was like !$!!%@^#^#@ go away faggot.

uhh so guess whos blonde now.
hhah the permanet shit didnt work in my hair since its so like dark haha.

but i got this spray shit that made it blonde.



idk if i like it or not haha wat do u guys think?



and dont comment being liek OMGZ LYKE DONT D3L3T3 ME!!%^&%$ stfu.

theres new pics on my myspace goo loolkk
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[26 Aug 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

school today was fine i suppose. we had the readin part of the kaplin testing. i finished in 45 mins. they give us two hours. yeah i def slept. umm i stayed all day today hah. just because i like 5th and 6th period. in 6th period the fire alarm kept going off so we had to walk in and out like a billion times and it pissed me and evan off haha. speaking of Evan lmao. yeah so i def wore a cami to school today. acually 2 layered. and liek a jacket since its against dresscoad. and i was leaning over the table talking to him and hes like starring down my shirt i was like HEY EVAN IM UP HERE hahah. umm hah hes hot. so its k! haha omg jk.


um tonight i was gunna go downtown with everyone but i didnt feel like it. then me and tim were gunna go uhhh hang out? hahahah. then that didnt happen. then i was guna go drink with breanna and some other ppl. and ahhh lol that didnt happen and now everyones lke come chill with me. haha fuck that im stayin home im tired.

uhhh i went crazy with my camera today aha loook


pictures!!!!!!gUSDHDSHSDUHGU3RT33Collapse ) COMMENT!!! Friends cut soonnnn

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[25 Aug 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

um so school was alright i suppose lol..
we had Kaplin testing. ughh fuck that shit hah.
uhh so it was like the math part today. and allll the sophomores left after it haha soo of course duh i left haha so i came home and just slept mostly. uh i saw james today. i miss him crazyyyy alot. =(
umm yeah idk

tonight i picked up lina then went to the football game. against NorthEast. it was fun. we left with like 3 mins left but uhh NEHI def was gunna win haha. we did sooo good till like the middle of the third quarter. then NEHI started winning. hah it was fun though. you suck if you didnt go.

im moving in down the street from lina. which excites me more than anything! thanks for buyin that house dad.
im getting a puppy. we're putting in a pool. and maybe a trampoline cus i act like im 10 still and love trampolines. hah.
PS. i want Parkers brother cus he's hot.

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[24 Aug 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so first off id like to say that i love how no one comments anymore.thanks guys.

anyways. i went to school today. and i went home after school. (read my past 2 entries if you havent)
my dad just goes "nice to finally see you" and i was like "yeah nice to see you threw out all my shit." my fuking clothes are almost all gone. $150 pants are gone. yeah 4 pairs of those. thanks dad thanks. asshole.

i didnt really do anything. it was a half day. and they changed my sched. just my 2nd and 6th period though. ughh i loved my 2nd and 6th periods too. but i guess its okay now. my new 2nd per teacher i think is gay seriously lol. hes the baseball coach too. um and my 6th period. its world history and this lady is the art teacher..yeah weird. but Evan is in that class and he's hot. and ah yeah we talked the whole class.

My dad MADE me. yes made me go to youth tonight. so i went. i didnt want to at all. i wasnt in the mood to see anybody. im glad he made me though i really am. i love the dirty looks i get from hank sometimes. and i love how he just like sits there and stares at me.!##%!# stop. anyways like a bunch of ppl from the church like came to watch the mission trip video and shit like that. and wow. like i serioulsy wish i went so bad. it looked like so much fun. im going to peru over spring break. and as hard as its going to be to not have running water. electricity. nothing. ill survive. how im gunna survive without my long showers and hair straightenre.. i have no clue.. but ill survive. when we were praying.. i couldnt stop sneezing. and devan was laughin at me so hard. and everyone was looking at us and i was like ugh.

Me and Jenna had a "fight" (fake fight) about who christian is going to go to homecoming with. and hes going with me lol. christians a senior at bogie. jennas a senior at gibbs. and im just a sophomore at st pete. buttt hes going with me and hes gunna like it. haha hes so hot.

Christian ended up taking me home and we talked on the way there and he really just put me into perspective.(sp?) i need to get my life in order. and that i plan on doing. i need to start going to church agian. i need to stop drinking. i need to stop smoking. i need to stop other things i cant say on here.

Christian is seriously the nicest boy i have ever met in my life. and hes hotter than anyone haha. anyways. but he was like put my number in your phone. and i want you to call me if you need anything okay.
OKAY PANTS OFF TIME. !@%#%@##@^ okay just kidding omg. haha.

i should go to bed soon. must go to school tmw.

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[24 Aug 2005|06:18am]
[ mood | scared ]

just in case anyone cares to know.
i left where i was. and im somewhere else now.
im leaving here soon though.
im going to school today. im determined to graduate.
i still have my phone call it if you want.

if you dont know what im talking about.
read my last entry.

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[22 Aug 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | worried ]

all i can say right now is shits not good. at all. i missed school today again. and i ran away. my dad took my phone and broke my computer. then he left. so i found my phone, put on some jeans. took my money, and eyeliner(i have a thing for eyeliner.lol) talked to hank on the phone and left. i cant say where i am right now but u can call if u need me.

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[21 Aug 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so idk i didnt do much today.

bascially got up, went to church. it was okay i guess? hah. Traceys stomach growled really loud and we couldnt stop laughing. lol. then the pastor said something about 7 year olds on drugs lmao and jenna made the funniest face and i started cracking up. so we have like a bunch of us just like cracking up lol. oh man and me and jenna were messin with ben haha fun. i love jenna. ♥

umm then i came home, slept. then my dad called me and woke me up and made me go look at this house with him. wtf lol. and i was complaining so bad and he was like blahblahblah!%%#@#@. i was like OMFG STFU!!!! lol god. around 3 i went and got katie k. and we went back to church for this thing. idk how to explain it. we got bored. and left lol and we went to baywalk and saw Skelton Key. and i screamed alot and it was realllly scary haha.

then i came home and here i is! lol


on the way home.. yeah. we have to go through south st pete to get from downtown to like our side of town hah. and we passed this alley. and i looked down it and i saw a couple of homeless people with shopping carts full of shit. and this one man was just in shorts. and he was so skinny you could see bone. and he was just laying there. talking to people. and he had a smile on his face. and i couldnt help but smile. i got to thinking. some people have NOTHING. literraly nothing. no family, no food, no house, no clothes. maybe a few homeless friends they hang with. but wouldnt you get bored? yeah probably. and some how they seem happy. i dont know. everyone is always like "caitlin why arent you happy? ur dad has alot of money. shouldnt you be happy?!" no not really. money isnt happiness. at all. id acually..honestly, rather be poor and happy. then have money and be unhappy. idk it just made me think alot.
okay end rant. ♥ SCHOOL TMW. gross lol maybe ill acually go.
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[20 Aug 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | sick ]

last night was fun. went to lina's party. it was cool. there were alottttt of people there. ah umm we just hung out mostly. a REALLY bad storm came and the power ended up going out lol hah. then it was POORING so hard and lightenin was like a mile, if that away lol it sooo bad. sooo we all went outside in our clothes and ran through the rain, went streaking. lol. anyways it was sooo much fun. the cops ended up gettin called but its tight haha they were yelling through theyre like microphone thing lmao. hank ended up calling me and he wanted to talk to lina and i was like um no call her. and hung up then he called back and i was like stop calling me wat do u want.anywho lina was busy lol so she didnt talk on the phone so i was like ill call u back bye and i hung up. then i called him back like 20 mins later and he wasa like being stupid. and hes like r u paintig at church tmw and i was lik maybe are u. and hes like yeah and i know u are. and i was like yah ok. and hes like hahah you paint?! and hes like u dont do anything. u might break a nail or somethig. so i was like fuck u ur an asshole and i hnug up. anyways he called me back when i got home. and hes like rambling on about something and i hung up on him like 10 times and hes like why are u hanging up on me. and im like cus ur being a fucking asshole god. and he goes FUCK YOU BITCH. ahhahahahahaah i seriously laughed soooo hard hahah cus hes NEVER done that. he wotn say anything to my face or anything over the phoen to me. just over the internet and to other ppl. so i waas like HAHAHAH KAY BYE and i hung up lmao

this morning wenttt to church at 8 and painted the chapel AND church and omfg haha it was so hot. i got so much paint on me. i have blisters on my hands and feet. my back hurts and blahh lol. me and hank didnt really fight . he pissed me off a few times and i was just like leave me alone seriously. it waas fun hanging out with katie sara and tracey. even though shits not too good right now but its cool i guess. =/

tonight i was supposed to go to this fuckin big ass party. but everyones gay and wont give me a ride soooo ha im not goign. ill just sleep and go to church in the morning or something

i didnt really take that many and i didnt take apicture of all of us but hey its ok

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[19 Aug 2005|02:54pm]
[ mood | busy ]

okay i guess i should update haha.

Yesterdayyy: umm school was okay i guess haha. i got my cheerleading stuff. haha this is guna be fun.
umm i went to the bathroom in sixth period and when i was walking in, Bianca was walking out. and she just like starred at me. okayyy backup...MIDDLE SCHOOL... she HATED me with like everything. i never did anything to her, she just HATED me. she talked so much shit about me and ugh. so anyways back to the story. i go back to 6th period and i go to caitlin h., cuz shes like biancas best friend. and im like goddd she hates me still wat the fuck. so then after school im standing with jordan at her locker. and bianca and caitlin walk by and caitlins like bianca wants to talk to u. so i walk up the stairs right there and shes like "i dont hate you girl. that bullshits over, your tight. its just middle school people talked. its over though" whewww. haha shes so sweet though. so im glad we're okay.

TODAY;::: umm i dont even know umm i had really bad cramps all day but i stayed at school. oh yeah so wat the fuck i hate st pete they decided that on monday i have a COMPLETLY new sched. wat the fuck i like my classes for once. i like my teachers. im comfortable for once. and im doing good. i cant fucking afford to switch everything in the middle of this grading period. ill fall behind and i can NOT afford that this year. i fucked up too much last year.

oh yeah my dad found a house. ahh haha its right near breanna, amanda, and meaghan, anddd SHAWN hahaha.
its like a couple blocks from bogie AND I WANT TO FUCKING TRANSFER SOOOO BAD!!! omg
i think i might 2nd semester omg ugh. fuck st pete.

tonight;;;lina's party =)HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINA. Read more...Collapse )
tomorrow;;gotta be at church at 8am to paint the chapel... party at night.
sunday;;;im pretty sure ill be sleeping all day


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[17 Aug 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so. i definatly didnt go to school today haha. but it wasnt cus i didnt want to. i tried to i really did. but i didnt sleep at all. i was up all night trying to stop puking. i had the worst cramps ever. i was even in tears. i tried to get ready for school but i couldnt even put clothes on and i was just so weak. anyways so then i just slept till like 2:30. lol. um i wasnt gunna go to youth. but i did. and i brought meaghan. haha i love how im fighting with so many people there. oh well hah. ughh. yeah so i dont know haha but everyone kept saying i looked "so good" and "really pretty" maybe ill acually try at getting ready from now on if thats what ppl think haha. i just straightened my hair and acually did my makeup good. and this is what i wore... Read more...Collapse ) um so hah christians pretty hot. and uh christina is like in love with him. and i felt bad haha. im not gunna get into the story tho cuz its not my place to say anything but haha aw poor christian. and i love him. ah yep. oh yes so tyler thought it would be funny to sit behind me. and put a roach on my shoulder. and i thought it was just like a lizard cuz they were playin with a lizard. so i just like grab it off my shoulder and like hold it in my hand then i look and its a fucking roach. omg hahaha i got up so fast. and i started screaming and i was crying haha i swear. it was so bad haha i felt like an idiot but omg i cant stand roaches omg thats so gross. haah i was just like standing there crying. i wsas laughing to though haha asshole.umm i guess ill go to school tmw. wait ha i have to, i have a cheerleadin meeting after school ugh lol. ugh i dont know if i want to cheer or play soccer. someone help me. okay ummm byeee ha

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[16 Aug 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | i dont even know hah ]

i didnt go to school yesterday haha. ugh im such a bum. i have so much makeup work and i cant figure out my world history and if i dont do it then i have a 45 min detention after school. haha fuck that. ughh someone help me lol.uhh shawn called me yesterday. he told me to call him at like 7 so we could chill. ugh yeah i forgot haha. i feel bad lol. !!%! hes so hot. goddd lol. okay umm. yeah so idk hah so the basketball season cheerleading captain wants me to cheer. whens basketball season anyways? hahahahah me cheer. right hahah. whatever lol i guess i will though ahah it will be fun. like im friends with most of the girls on the squad anyways. hah mann. i dont think im gunna play soccer for school though. i think ill just play umm spring soccer or something fuck idk.

um ive been really REALLY mean to hank lately haha i feel kinda bad now though. i was like a really big bitch. aha oh well he deserves it. the last email i sent him omg it was so mean haha. oh well. then we were just talking and i was like telling him id tell him something. and then i didnt and hes like tell me u said u would. and i was like OH WAIT DIDNT U DO THAT TO ME FOR THE PAST YEAR?! and hes like whatever be like that fuck u. and i was like be like what? the way youve been to me? hahah whatever.like i really did give up. yeh ive said that before. but now this time i think the reason why i finally let go, is cuz i have shawn now. ugh whatever though

umm i guess im hanging out with shawn tonight. hopefully. ugh i wanna see him haha.
linas party friday =)

picturesCollapse )

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[14 Aug 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

i love how ppl sit right where i can see the&talk shit about me. bitches. the end.

i doubt im going to school tmw.
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[14 Aug 2005|10:44am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Thursday night= :).
Friday= school was okay i guess. around 4 i went to meaghans. we were chillin and we look out her front window. and her front yard is fuckin full of ppl and !$%@. she goes. "seans out there, youd like him" so she points him out and holy hell. hello. damn hot lol. hes 19^#%@ ah. anyways long story short. me and meaghan ended up going with ben, kellen, joel, and sean. we went to the liquor store and to windixie. spent like 150 bucks on food. most waas on 3 18 packs of beer though. we all liek piled in bens car. which only has 5 seats. 6 of us. yeah. but i was like bascially on top of sean so i was happy lol. anyways we drove out to clearwater and then we fucking put this canoe in the water and make like 4 trips back and forth to this island lmao. anyways we ended up parying out ther. and me and meaghan barely even drank. we werent in the mood. kellen was fucking drunk as hell and it was fucking annoying.. he ended up getting butt fuckin naked and jackin off in a chair arund the fire. then like ran arund the island naked and wouildnt leave me and sean aloneeee ahh lol. oh yeah me and sean hooked up.alot. ahaha. ahh damnit. anyways i dont even know. i dont feel like tellin the whole liek story. so ill end that there.

Yesterday: got to meaghans around noon. me and her just hung out there then went and got food and we get back and her mom like is havin a bitch attack on her lol long story short i ended up leaving and went to amandas down the street. we went and got our nails done. and jus hung out there. then i had my dad come get me cuz i was exhausted cuz we didnt sleep AT all. so. got home around 6. woke up at like 8. i was convived it was 8 am. hahaah watever.takled to hank on the phone.. yeah shit went down. we JUST FUCKING GOT OUR SHIT WORKED OUT NOW ITS FUCKEDD UP AGAIN. AND WEN I FIND OUT WHOS TALKIN SHIT IM GUNNA FUCK THEM UP SO WATCH OUT. ugh went back to bed. got up at like 1230. talked to hank online. yeah not good . more shit went down. i just went to bed. watever

today. idk i need to go to the mall. and to sallys and get a new hair straightener. maybe katie will go with me. KATIE ANNA SLOTE UR GOING WITH ME KAYTHANKS

umm i guess im guna go to youth tonight cuz i miss hanging out with katie.

shit i forgot to call sean. oh well.

but i miss tracey. alot.

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[11 Aug 2005|10:49pm]
i dont know. school was okay i guess. after school i had to go to the soccer meeting. omfg so many girls showed up. and WTF why are there so many fucking freshman!? lol ughhh. i have to get in shape though. we start conditioning soon. and ahh im gunna die haha oh well. i took katie home then came home and just sat around i guess lol. talked to hank online then on the phone for a while. =) ah. umm meaghan came and kidnapped me at like 730 and we went to office depot. but first messed with hot boys in the same kind of truck meaghan has lol and they were hot and we like stayed next to them for like 10 minutes and talked to them haha hotties. umm tim was supposed to meet us at office depot but we waited till like 9. and then we left and hank called me and uga!@# yeah. then i got home and talked to my dad. then hank just called me so im on the phone with him now sooo im gunna gooo. kay thnaksbyeDSG#RQT@#
oh yeah i re did my myspace. go look
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wow. [10 Aug 2005|09:36pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Im not even gunna write about today/tonight.
i just got off the phone with Hank though. wow.
we didnt yell at each other once. we werent mean to each other.
nothing. it was fine. we just talked. and i just let him explain everything.
hes like..

hank- caitlin do u really think i hate you.
me- yeah i do.
me- because you tell me all the time.
hank- you know i dont mean that.
me- then dont say it.
hank- i know. you say things you dont mean too.
me- yeah well but not nearly as harsh and mean as you say
hank- caitlin. i still care about you. im not gunna hate you. im not saying get out of my life because i hate you. im saying it because its the beest. dont you think?
me- yeah sure.
hank- im serious caitlin, is fighting every other day worth it?
me- nope.
hank- yeah well then its not worth it, you dont need me caitlin.
me- yes i do.
hank- no you dont, and you have to realize that. im not gunna be an asshole to you. im not gunna ignore you. ill still say hey to you at church and stuff.. ill still call you up and see if you want to hang out. its not going to be the same as before but how could it be? im leaving at the end of the month for the marines caitlin, what are you gunna do?
me- wow.
hank- what?
me- i just didnt know that you acually cared enough to sit here and have a conversation with me abotu whats going on without yelling at me and telling me im stupid.

thats all i remember. but wow. i just started cryin on the phone and ugh. i dont know.
i guess he's right though.

i have a soccer meeting after school tomorrow. and i need to catch up in all my classes. im not fucking up this year.

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[09 Aug 2005|03:41pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

Last night sucked haha i puked so much. umm i went to bed early and when i woke up this morning i had 4 missed calls, and i didnt even hear it ring last night. hank, amber, kelly, annnd lauren called me. lol idk but i didnt go to school today lol oh well. i slept till like 10 or so idk and my cat woke me up so i got online. i just talked to kelly and hank all day bascially. blahh me and hank were fine. till shit went down and he started telling me that im stupid and shit and that i need to grow up? hahaha I need to grow up!?! you need to grow up. haha wtf ever fuck yuo asshole. ill write all about it in my other lj (oh_youwhore ) srry kids cant write about it in here lol go add me if u havent already.and comment on the thing so i know u did. ill only add you if i dont know u personally. whatever im outttt. peace. oh but i found old random pics lol. they all suck but ill post em anyways haha


peekturesCollapse )

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[08 Aug 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Okay so school is gay. Umm in first period we did this like test thing. In second we jsut went over stuff and sinec i wasnt there friday i missed shit and hes all tellin me hes gunna give a detention for not having it. i was like. wtf i didnt have the paper dumbass. ughhh. whatever i hate st pete. third umm we did vocab and stuff. 4th we took notes and stuff and then he talked to us about female body parts. and then TOTALLY randomly switched the subject to surfboards. wtf. 5th we just went over stuff. and sixth we did some work. after school i came home. got online. watched tv. and went to sleep. woke up at like 740. and started puking. and since then ive puked seriously like 11 times. so thats just grand. oh and i left my shit for world history in my locker so i guess i have detention. fuck that im not even gunna go to school tomorrow. i can see it already ill probably fuck up this year too. whatever.

and i lost the most important people in my life.
perfect. yesss i <3333 my life!!!!
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[07 Aug 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Alright kids... im gunna warn you off the bat. DONT READ THIS ENTRY IF YOU DONT LIKE MOST OF MY CHOICES. thankyou. =)


so. yesterday i dont even know what i did haha i dont remember. but at like 9 Kaelin came over. YES KAELIN duval from fucking middle school. ahhh omg. okay lol anyways then brandie and ashley picked us up. then we went to their house. and then we got ashleys boyfriend.Which happened to be weird cuz me and him have met before lol at some party haha. it was super weird. but annyways. haha ummm yeah that we went to a fucking USF party ( its a college here in fl.. just incase u un-floridians didnt know haha) yeah hahah wow. it was so much fun.it took like an hour to get there ughhh lol. we didnt really drink that much. like maybe at the most 1 1/2 beers each. not that much. lol ashley didnt drink though since she had to drive. her bf onthe other hand. had 12 beers or something and was fucking piss drunk. anyways me and kaelin had to tell them we were 17 haha. ashley and brandie are 18 though for real. so. idk haah but me brandie and kaelin met this guy haha and we left with him to go to his place. and we smoked hahah. he bought us all weed i was like heyyyy. lol he was like alright you guys owe me. and were like okay hahah. anyways lol we did it out of a bong. hahah wow we were all so fucked up. and there were 2 other guys besides him at his place.

anyways then we left and went back to the party all fucked up and shit.
alex (ashleys bf) treid to fight this kid so we left. lol and omg alex had to pee so we stopped at some gas stationin clearwater. and ughhh he fucked it up. he was like being an ignorent dumb fucking drunk it was so annyoing. so the guy there called the cops. so yeah we got chased by two cops hahahaha wow. we didnt get caught though. then alex started pukin out the window.

then we all spent the night at ashley and brandies!! it was so much fun!

then we came home this morning and i took kaelin home. me and my dad went and looked at houses!! and the one he rreallllly likes. yeah is a block from hanks house. FUCKING PERFECT YES!! grshdu ugh.



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[06 Aug 2005|09:21am]
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i don't know what it is, but im pretty conviced God doesn't like me being happy. And I'm serious. You know how i was all happy for like two days. Yeah well that all shot to hell last night..which i wasn't too suprised about. Things get good, then something always fucks up. Am i really a bad person? Do i NOT DESERVE to be happy? I just don't understand. I really don't. Lately I've been questioning this whole...God thing. Yeah so what about "God will never give you more than you can handle" ..? Cuz I'm by far past that point. I just want to be able to be happy for more than a couple days. I give up, I really do, I can't do this anymore.

Hank leaves for the marines in 2 weeks.
Expect me to be depressed for like...ever.
I'm partying tonight. That is all.
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